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Why is Brunch so gay

ken barber

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And by Gay I don't mean the school yard insult or some folks attempt to use it as a slur.

I mean why do so many gay men do Sunday Brunch

I recently thought of this during one of my Many Brunches with my Fiance and a group of our friends. The Restaurant we decided to try this week was a cute hip little place and the crowd had to be at least 75% gay men. Then I started to take notice.

1. Brunch is stylish. Breakfast is mundane and you know us gay men we don't do mundane. Brunch has a casual sophistication to it.

2. Its the meal we get to show off the new clothes we bought at our favorite shopping spot the week before. Dinner is dim and dark, our attire reflects that. You wear what ever is available and stay casual with lunch. Breakfast is hopefully with your sweetie and as little clothes as possible. So we pull out all the stops for Brunch we squeeze into those jeans, drag the compression tank over our head and strut our stuff.

3. Brunch is social. Dinner you go out with another couple or a small group of friends. Brunch always starts with at least 10 and slowly gathers steam until we have 20-25 friends all together. And if the Restaurant wants us to wait at the bar for our larger table to get ready, we have no problem with that at all.

4. Brunch and cocktails are one in the same. Everyone would judge you if you had a drink with breakfast but with brunch at 11 am its not only ok its expected.

5. Not many families at brunch. Sure you can bring your kids to Brunch but 11 am is way beyond breakfast time and almost at lunch time for the little demons. So we can get lewd, loud and obnoxious if we want and the establishments that serve brunch seem to encourage this type of fun.

6. At brunch no one judges what you eat. During the week a heavy carb meal would get me a healthy eating sermon from my gym rat buddies but at brunch they are right there ordering the french toast, grilled with almonds and served with a giant scoop of butter and mango-strawberry gastrique. with a side of home fries and bacon  thrown in.

So it fits every checklist gay men have created over the years, Stylish, Fashionable, Social, Cocktails, no kids, and good food.


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Don't forget, Sunday Brunch happens while the straight folk of the world are at church and before the early Football games, come the fall.

Gawd, fall can't get here soon enough.  Already having withdrawl symptoms from Hockey and Baseball is mostly Blech until September.... But Football season, those guys in tight pants, patting each other on the butt, tackling and grabbing each other and..... oh, did i type that out loud?

But yes, Brunch, totally a gay thing. 

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Okay, so i know what mimosas are, and that they are a staple of Brunch.  But what is the thing where they offer you like jelly or something to swish around in your drink?  Is that a gay thing only or is that a brunch thing, maybe regionally?

And for brunch, is there a food that is out of bounds?

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I allow that one of my best friends handed over his brunch recipes to me to copy and he happens to be gay.

But my introduction to Brunch was by my father and was an event to be enjoyed.

Though after we returned from Greece, watching my father's face as my son dumped catsup on Eggs Benedict was precious. Both lived through the experience.

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My five year old son.

Who was exposed to catsup by my superintendent from Tennessee; who cared him for while I went back to the United States from Greece for my mother's funeral when he was two.

I have never broken him of that habit. Catsup on tacos, eggs, heaven help us, steak...

He did live to grow up, serve two hitches in the Army, get a Bachelors in Engineering, a Masters, marry, become a step-father and now has a three year old running him ragged.

My brother, his uncle, well he would have given the five year old kid a mixed alcoholic drink to wash it down with. 

And laugh.

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I remember Sunday brunch at a gay restaurant in Atlanta many years ago, but I can't recall the name. There was a restaurant on the main floor, a piano bar upstairs and a hustler bar in the basement.

Anyway, we were always a bit hung over on Sunday so a couple of Mimosas and a cheese omelet with hash browns was all it took to prepare us for another afternoon of partying. When I was new to the city it felt very glamorous and wonderful. Having a table full of friends and waving to others that we knew made me finally feel as if I belonged somewhere, especially after having lived for so long as an outcast among straights.


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