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The Destiny Universe

Zach Caldwell

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I am curious to hear what others have to say about the stories within the Destiny Universe. What stories do you recommend? Where should one start? What do you think of the Destiny Universe?


Please feel free to share your thoughts about any of the stories in this universe. But please keep in mind that not everyone has read the stories so try not to give away too many details. Happy reading!!

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Funny thing happened, I needed something to read.  I tapped on Castle Roland and Kyle Aarons and there was Destiny's Shadow and I couldn't remember the plot line.  Score!!! 


So starting with the Prologue, I am reading this story and starting to give feedback to Kyle, dropping hints to Wolfwalker and threatening others with pointy objects if they do not dust off manuscripts. 


And I just wanted something to read. 


Come on everyone, dig in, join the fun, read and start to drive the authors nuts!  We must plan our attack!


Roland's Dark Knight

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I've recently begun reading Destiny's Shadow and I have loved what I have been able to read up to this point. I so want to be able to read all of it, unfortunately I'm not psychic so I have to wait. Although, if you know of any story with a similar theme as the Destiny universe, I would be very, very happy to know where to find it. I've already read Destiny's Split by Wolfwalker and I find that story just as fascinating. I'm looking forward to future updates for both stories and I am also on the hunt for stories that are similar. Suggestions are welcome!


Thanks for the great read. Kynn.

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