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Orlando shooting

ken barber

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First I want to say that this horrifying tradegy is shocking and revolting. Please keep in your hearts the victims, their families and loved ones. 

Pray to whatever higher power you believe in, if any, that we can find a way to stop these horrible acts of terrorism in our lifetime. 

The latest news is 50 dead and 53 wounded. A lone gunman (as far as authorities can tell) walked into a packed Orlando Florida gay night club and opened fired. He took hostages and a stand off insued. Law enforcement eventually effected a hostage rescue and the gunman was killed. There is evidence that he was associated with Isis but law enforcement is not certain. 

We don't know if he targeted the club because he it was a gay club or because it would be so packed during pride month. 

Isis does have a habit of attaching LGBT people and events. 

Pride Month and pride celebrations will take on a more somber feel this morning. 

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I'd like to think there are words to describe how I feel about this, but there really aren't.  There is just this lack of emotion right now, with a sense of impending rage and no place to direct it.  Even in a free society, it seems, we can be targeted by those who just want to watch the world burn while everyone else is just happy to dance.  Or was just happy to dance.

Those who want to tear us down will always try.  Those who want to make a mockery of our freedoms, of our love of life, of our way of living will always do their best.  But as those who resist tyranny, injustice, brutality and evil will always tell you... it's not the number of times they cut you down that wins the fight, but the number of times you refuse to give up, give in and stay down.

So keep in mind those who went before us.  Keep in mind the advances we've made, the struggles we've endured.  Keep in mind that these ISIS fools are only one link in a chain that goes back throughout time of those who rise, give vent to hate and anger, seek to oppress and harm, kill and scream for attention.  And remember too that they all fade, they all lose in the end, and they all meet justice as the small minds, weak hearts and poor souls they began as.

And we, those who struggle on, those who accept that life with a target on your back is still life lived well, that giving these mad ones a place to seat their hate on their own path to doom, we will survive.  We will survive.  And grow stronger.  And live louder.  And love prouder.

Our hearts are with those harmed by this bigotry and cowardice.  Our hearts and our resolve.  And let me tell you, baby... never piss off a gay man, or a gay nightclub full of people just having a good time.  You want to see what happens when we get mad?  Your days are numbered, poor souls.  We may be politically divided in this country, but you attack us, you attack our friends, you attack in the name of hatred and violence and claim it's a religion... you may as well just attack us all.  And this country, this people, this free society... we don't take kindly to that.  You hit us, we band together stronger and then hit you back harder.  You can run, but you can't hide forever.  Ask Bin Laden.

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I just wanted to let everyone know that the Castle Roland administration team has just donated $100 to the families of the Orlando shooting.  We felt that we needed to do what we could to stand by our brothers and sisters who were hurt or killed.  If anyone else wishes to as well, here is the link.  https://www.gofundme.com/PulseVictimsFund

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