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Incantations - Mike Oldfield

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I've always liked instrumentals: anything they bring to mind is down to me, not somebody else's words or my interpretation of those words. This one is special: I'd finished college and had started my first job which was a 30 mile drive from home two months before. My gran -who I loved dearly- was spending her final days in hospital and we all knew the end was near. I'd discovered Mike Oldfield's music and this was one album that appealed to me, especially the version of Song of Hiawatha. Driving back home one winter evening along a deserted country road I stopped and put this on and sat there in the dark listening to it and thinking of my gran. It was a beautiful, cold clear night and the sky was filled with stars. I listened to the words and remembered the good times with her, remembered how she used to be with us kids, thought of how things were changing, how we'd never regain those happy days. Yeah, i lost it. She passed on two days later and every time I play this I think of her and that evening.
For once I listened to the words, their implication that things change, that what may be perfect at that point cannot be sustained for ever much as we wish them to be, that the sunny, carefree, happy days of childhood all too soon are eclipsed by the storms and tempests of adult life leaving only the fading warmth of memories. I've cried when I've played this again, though whether for her passing or for my own loss I don't know.
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