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Hello all

Sir Kaius

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Hello all,

I am Kaius and I am 47 years old and love to read when I have the time and would like to write as well. However being that I have two full time jobs one as a paramedic in the lovely city of Baltimore (cough, cough, hack, gag) and the other where I run a business in York, PA I am a fairly busy man. I also have lots of hobbies including metalworking, woodworking and gardening. I also have a love of scotch, tequila and beer Belgian white ales being my favorite. I am a neutralist by nature and tend to see the good and bad in all things. If any one can give me any pointers in writing more efficiently than hacking out words on a keyboard and then  not knowing where to go i would  greatly appreciate it. 




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Welcome to the Castle Roland Community. A good tip for writing is to write about something that you know and or a story that you want to tell. If you have a passion for it, it will flow. Another good tip is to have an editor who you can work with. A good editor will catch the errors in grammar, continuity and be a sounding board for direction and ideas.

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Also, write for yourself. Write what you like and write as often as you can. I began to write because I wanted to learn to communicate better, to be able to convey my thoughts more precisely in every day conversations with others. To that end, I began to write porn stories (which I usually delete as soon as I finish them). I wrote a lot of them and they began to improve. I'll never be a great writer but I found that I have some fun ideas so I write them out. It's good to know that this site enables gay kids, who are my target audience, to find my work. I get some nice emails and that makes it worthwhile.

Again, don't focus on what is going to be popular or commercial, just write to please yourself. It's a lot less stressful.

Have fun and welcome,



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