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In Your Eyes.


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In your eyes I see tomorrow.

And the future and the past,

I see the sunshine and the promise.

And how I'm first and never last.

I see the dreams and the wishes.

I see the beauty of the day.

In your eyes I see the brightness.

And the wonder you portray.


In your soul I see the freedom.

And the smiles you have for me.

I see the joy and the happiness.

And how I'll never let you be.

I see the soul of an angel.

I see heaven and not hell.

In your soul I see forever.

How I'm caught up in your spell.


In your heart I feel the strength.

And the power that you hold.

I see the pride and the honor.

And all the wonders to behold.

I see the faith of a pope.

I see the strength of a warrior

In your heart I see passion.

And a world so full of hope.

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