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Ascension of the Thrones

Emperor Roland

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Just an update.  Both Allen and I were working on the chapters yesterday and hope to have the corrected ones up later this morning.  But, I now have another story that I have to read! 


I would be working and replacing code and the words would catch my eyes and I would be drawn in and start reading.  This was one of the reasons it took so long.  A good story that grips you.  Thomas Nealy's work is like that.

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OMG!!!! I love it!!!!  You have to finish this.


Thomas as you know I've been hinting... [really bugging you is more like it] for years now... You said last time we chatted that you were 'POSSIBLY' getting into the mode again to write this... I do hope that you do for I'm not the only one that loves this story... as you can see.

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