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9:00pm Blues


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Its 9:00 pm and I'm here all alone.

Nothing to do but wait by the phone.

My drinks half gone and the pretzels are stale.

An old queen just winked, maybe I should bale.

But its cold outside and I've nothing to wear.

And its starting to rain, but I really don't care.

I've a song in my head that just makes me feel mad.

It's all about love and it makes me real sad.

A simple little tune but it doesn't mean much.

It really just reminds me that I'm so out of touch.

So play me that sad song so I can have a good  cry.

Of hurt and pain then tell another another lie.

A kiss to remember, a slap to forget.

Of nights all alone and all the regret.

But all that will change the second you walk in.

All smiles return and the love will begin.

Its 3 am and I answer your call.

I know you'll be there to catch my fall.

To wipe away my tears and brighten my day.

And push back the drama and make it go away.


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