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Operation Black Pearl

ken barber

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[Special Note: The new website is now live. As a result the links throughout this thread are invalid except for the latest posting to the thread. All of RU Author Group stories can now be found at RU Author’s Group]

The Three authors that brought you "And Justice For All" have teamed up again to bring you a new mini-series.


Faced with overwhelming odds the Characters from "Dawn's Early Light", "New Beginnings" and "Changing Connections" team up again to take the the fight to the enemy at Disney World?


Navy SEALS, UNIT and Regular US Military fight side by side to retake the Happiest Place on Earth.



Here is a small snippet on how the Characters learn to work together.


As they rounded the corner, Bucky threw Josh to the ground and shielded his smaller body with his own, as 3 Strykers came flying around the corner from far side of the building, .50 caliber machine guns spitting lead everywhere.......


“Can you get off me now please.  I mean you're cute and all but I have a boyfriend.”

Bucky rolled off Josh. “Very funny smart ass."
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Sneak Peak


Billy looked over at his new co-pilot just after they got on station. "Hovering at 650 feet."

"Roger that." Captain Ryan Blake said as he looked over the controls. "Stealth seems to be operating fine. We've got about one minute till impact." With that he reached up and made sure his harness was tight. "I still think we're a bit too close."

"Oh come on!" Billy said with a chuckle. "We'll be fine."

"Have you ever seen what sixteen inch shells will do?" Blake asked as he looked across at Billy.

"No, but seriously. We're almost a half mile from where the closest shells will hit." He looked at the countdown clock, seeing it just pass the thirty second mark, he rotated the Chinook so it was pointed at the Contemporary Hotel, then flipped on the recorders. "Although it should be a nice boom. Jory asked me to record it for him. He said it'd be a pretty big 'bada boom'.

"It'll be that alright." Ryan said with a shake of his head. He activated the intercom and spoke. "Okay guys... hang on to your balls... the world's about to blow up." He then looked at the counter, seeing it read ten seconds he glanced to the east. "There they are."


Ryan took his hands off the controls long enough to flex them, then gripped them tightly again. "Come on man... If you're gonna fly with me, you're gonna have to grow a bigger set of balls.... HOLY FUCK!" Billy cried out

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This has definitely lived up to the hype it has received.  With three great RU authors on the same project, how could it not?

That was a bit of a twist there at the end.  My only question is will the "subjects" at the Genesis base they are heading into realize that this is their chance to escape like our guys did and fight against their doctors and captors? 

I can't wait for Thursday!

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So far so good through chapter 2.  :)

Except ...

No advancement of cliffhanger at end of chapter 1.  You know we only have 8 fingers and two thumbs, right?  Right now hanging by 6 fingers and one thumb.  Hoping something happens soon, or I could slip entirely off this darn cliff! :wacko:

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Completed all four chapters of this exciting story.  It was difficult to keep track of all the various combatant elements, so a lot of times just gave up on the who and went with the what.  However, even though I could not fully keep track, I enjoyed the story a lot.

Plus you have left open a number of plot elements:

  • What is this Dr. Marcus like and what have he and his workmates accomplished?
  • Who is the kid without legs, and what happened to him?
  • How is the AoG going to react to Ashwood's inability to hold territory?
  • When will President Bryce find out about the Veterans Day massacre?
  • When will the UNIT share what (little) they know of the AoG?

Does anyone remember the name of that stuff you put on your fingernails to prevent biting them?  I think I might need some.

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