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A case of What the Hell

Zach Caldwell

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Florida has some of the toughest and most intensive criminal penalties and investigation units for sex crimes involving children.  If this guy did this as a stunt just to disrupt the HRO debate, or swing it in a given direction, he sure opened himself up for a world of pain.  On the other hand, if he actually did molest children for years, i hope some of his victims come forward and he gets his just deserts.  The Florida penal system is full of bad asses who can claim they were molested as kids and anyone coming into that system with a sex offender tag of any kind, so much more so if it's a child sexual offender or child sexual predator charge, likely wont leave prison on his own two feet. 


I would be remiss if I didn't point out that for many children who run across sex offenders who engage them in sex acts while underage, some of these victims see nothing wrong with what has been done to them or with them.  Adults should know better what they are doing and the illegal nature of such acts, whether the younger person gives in media res consent (which is not the same as legal, informed consent).  As such, they may not view themselves as victims.  In truth, we do know that young teen boys entering into sexual and homosexual behavior at an early age may see no harm in whatever may have happened between themselves and men such as this.  We do not know at this time if the man in this article engaged in acts of penetration with any of the children he self-allegedly had molested, nor the genders of the children supposedly involved.  If he is found to be guilty of such crimes, i hope they throw the whole legal library at him, from a very great height.


Many questions here remain, and not a lot of information has been actually given.  As such, we should keep a skeptical mind about what is actually gong on in this case, and allow the police to investigate as necessary.  Also, we should keep in mind that as the article states, throwing a strange connection between homosexual activity between consenting adults and acts against children is a long used tactic of those opposed to sexual equality, marriage equality and protections for LGBT persons in general.  If you can discredit someone's legitimacy by making them seem to be an evil person skulking in the shadows, you can discredit or even criminalize their behaviors, and thus influence laws against them.  We've seen this before.  And if this is the case here, it's kind of a very ham handed use of the tactic, that may actually stir up more muck than the truth is seeks to obfuscate.


Like so many other things that are sensational and terrible if true, we shall have to see how this plays out in both the police investigation which will more than certainly follow these revelations, and the court actions which happen from here on out.  Part of me wants to think that this man has some kind of sickness of the mind, spirit or brain itself which led him to either make up such a story or perform the acts he's alluded to.  At least in thinking he's damaged, deranged or somehow defective we can at least offer him some pity and perhaps some forgiveness for his actions, if he seeks to fix things, however that may be accomplished.  Part of me feels that he may have feelings for these children he claimed to molest such that he did them no physical harm and didn't put too much hurt to their spirits and minds.  Still, somewhere deep down, I hope that actual justice is done should he be found to be a remorseless, arrogant person who preys on children for their weaker bodies and more malleable wills. 

It is a fine line we all walk.  We can admire teens for their developing bodies, including the sexual feelings that may inspire in us.  But as adults, we know the difference between right and wrong, legal and criminal, and even simple morality versus indulging in carnal lusts.  Clearly, look but don't touch is the rule.  Children should not be sex objects for adults.  Period.



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