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A Boy Like Me


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A Boy Like Me

by Larkin


There was no doubt about it, Anthony was a prick.  Maybe that's what I liked about him, I don't know for sure. When I first met him I knew something was going to happen.  He told me that he heard from other kids that I was gay. The word gay sounded so strange coming out of his mouth. I didn't say anything, I just shrugged my shoulders.


He asked me, "What's it like, being gay and all?"


He was trying to make friends with me and I had a right to be suspicious. Even so, someone else might have run off but I stayed there and listened to him.


He said, "I might want to try it, you know what I mean, being gay and all. What do you think?"


I didn't answer. I just kept listening to his story.  He was big, Italian and a football type. I was skinny, small for my age and easily mistaken for a girl. 


He pointed at the "Big Deal Clothiers" and said, "That's my Dad's store."


We went around to the side of the building and then I followed him up an outside stairway.  It led to an unrented apartment on the second floor. It had just been freshly painted.  As we walked around, our voices and footsteps echoed in the clean and empty rooms. I felt Anthony behind me. When I turned around, he had his cock sticking straight up out of his pants.
He stroked it up and down and displayed it for me. He moved closer and then I felt his hand on my shoulder. 


He said, "Come on, I won't tell anyone."


He moved closer and pushed me down.......So I did it.

I was untroubled by the experience because to be honest, it had not been my first. Once I finally gave in and let him force me to do it, he wouldn't let me alone. 

He'd use all these stupid excuses to get me alone somewhere. I may be a wimp but I'm not stupid. If it was going to happen, I didn't want to make it too easy for him. I wanted him to talk me into it so if anything happened, I could blame him.


I'd make up all kinds of excuses like, "I have to go home."


He'd say, "Don't give me that, you don't have to go nowhere."


Then I'd say, "I have to go meet someone."


And he'd say, "Yeah, like who?"


I couldn't think up a name of who I was supposed to meet. I could have just run away, but I didn't. I'd just hang around and hang around driving him crazy.


He'd whisper in my ear. "Come on, you like to suck my dick. Don't you remember how much fun it was last time?"


I'd say, "Oh, I'm not really in the mood right now."


"What do you mean you're not in the mood?"


I said, "Oh, I don't know, maybe later."


I just gave him a ray of hope to keep him interested because I really did like the attention.


"Later? What's wrong with now?"


It is a completely different dynamic if I was the one begging to suck his cock. 


Imagine if I was saying, "Oh please, please let me suck your big cock."


Oh, he'd let me do it for sure and he'd act all cocky like an asshole which he is anyway and I'd come off looking like a disgusting little piglet and after I did it and he'd make like he gave me a special gift and now I owe him and then he'd throw me away like I was trash. 


"Fuck you, Tony!" 


Instead I'd say, "Why do you want to make me do that? You're cock is all big and horrible."


Even thought he could kick my ass, I was not afraid of him at all.


The only one working in the "Big Deal Clothiers" was old Mrs. Haas. She looked at Anthony and then at me,... and then back at Anthony. 


She had a puzzled look on her face as if to say, "What's this all about?"


Since Anthony was the owner's son, she kept silent.  Anthony helped me pick out a bunch of new clothes. Afterwards, we went back upstairs to the empty apartment.  As I was saying, Anthony is a prick and he's obnoxious too.  I didn't really like him. I know that he didn't really like me or anything; he just wanted to get his cock sucked. I dropped the bags of clothes he got me in the corner of the room.  I got all ready so he could make me suck his cock. Actually, I was really excited. It was fun and I really liked doing it.

The main reason is that Anthony feels like I owe it to him for the clothes and all, so he feels justified in using me. That makes it fun plus, when he cums, we're even again.

He's big, masculine and aggressive. I'm small, defenseless and feminine...I mean, when you think about it, we're perfect for each other.  Well, perfect if all we're talking about is sex.


I'm not really ready for a relationship anyway and if I was, I sure wouldn't want to be owned by Anthony Lanciano. Before you get all critical of me and all, why shouldn't I figure out how things work and what I like before I make a commitment?

I mean, if I was going to really fall in love, I would want a boy with the bluest eyes and beautiful blond hair.

A boy that people in the street stop to look at because he is so unbelievably cute. 
He would be skinny and delicate and have the smoothest skin. 
He would be a boy who is intelligent, sensitive and emotional.


You know what I mean, someone just like me.

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