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May The Fourth Be With You

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Castle Roland Announces

A Brand New Short Story Contest.


May The Fourth Be With You

A fan fiction contest set in the Star Wars® Universe.


Since May 25, 1977 Star Wars  has invaded international culture becoming an icon for all generations. The seven feature films produced by Lucas Films®  and Disney Films® have led to animated spin-offs, fan fiction, and further novels. The main characters and denizens of the Universe have become household names. Phrases and scenes are quoted as often as world leaders.


Now is your chance to try your hand at building a story based on the concept of the cultural phenomenon.


Each submitted story must be between 10,000 words and 55,000 words. The stories must follow the lives of your original characters set in the Star Wars Universe. Stories must be submitted by April 1st, 2016. The submitted stories will judged by the Castle Roland Forum Members based on the following criteria:


  • Does the story embrace the Star Wars Universe?

  • Are the characters original and believable?

  • Is the plot well developed considering the word count restrictions?

  • Is the story enjoyable?

  • Would you read more of this story if the author continued it?


The top three winners will be announced and their stories will be posted in a special Star Wars update on May The Fourth, 2016.


For more information or to submit your story please email the Castle Roland Public Relations Team at castlerolandpr@gmail.com


STAR WARS © 1977 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. TM & © 1977 Lucasfilm Ltd. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK TM & © 1980 Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL) All rights reserved. RETURN OF THE JEDI TM & © 1983 Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL) All rights reserved. "Twentieth Century Fox", "Fox" and their associated logos are property of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

Lucasfilm, the Lucasfilm logo, STAR WARS and all related characters, names and indicia are trademarks of & copyright © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. , or their respective trademark and copyright holders. All rights reserved.


This contest is purely for entertainment purposes and no person or entity will earn any profit or compensation beyond fair use.

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In order to have a contest we need theme. Just Fan Fiction is too broad to make it special. Many authors already write fan fiction. we debated a few themes and arrived at star wars for a number of reasons. One many many people are very familiar with it. Two we have had many fantasy stories so we wanted to give the sci-fi peeps something fun and three is really hot right now. 

We will do more contests in the future if this one is not to your liking.

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Why not give it a shot, branch out and get out of your comfort zone? Those kinds of challenges are some of the most fun for me because it allows me to delve into something uncomfortable. I feel doing so also helps be become a better writer.


But hey, if you want to stick with fantasy, why not try writing a story based on the Kandric world :P

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Question to the staff-


My idea has a huge starting point, but the story itself happens after some "schtuff" happens.  Would some kind of "words in space" scroll posted somewhere else or maybe at the beginning count towards the word count?  Hate to say it, but I never write anything small and this idea has, well, at least i think, continuation potential.  As an option, could maybe each participant have a Words in Space section, perhaps here as a story teaser, or at the beginning of the actual story posting?

Just ideas bouncing around in my magnetically sealed garbage compactor head.

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Opening scrolls would probably count.

And I think they should be mandatory.  Since this is Star Wars, no story ever begins at the beginning :)

And I agree about Sith in general. But these are Sith adults. Maybe Sith kids are just a teensy bit more malleable. If there can be Dark Jedi, why can't there be Light Sith? 

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Light Sith is like Diet Coke.... kinda missing the point. 

"Uh yes, I'll have a double whataburger with two slices of cheese, double bacon, jalapeno peppers, large fries and two hot apple pies."

"Yes sir, and to drink with that?"

"Uh, a small diet coke"


Light Sith would likely not survive Sith Elementary School.  They'd wind up getting dissected for "Physics of a Lightsaber Attack" class.  Either that or they'd wind up as like Sith Punching Bags.  "Class, you don't want to be like Darth Carebear, here.  You either kill or get stuffed into a 1 by 1 by one meter cube of carbonite and dumped into a lava flow on Mustafar."


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My, you are certainly jaded!

Ken, the 1,500 word maximum is certainly quite generous! I went and counted the number of the words of the opening crawl in each movie. Not counting "A long time ago" or the movie's title, here are the results:

The Phantom Menace: 78

Attack of the Clones: 80

Revenge of the Sith: 75

A New Hope: 83

The Empire Strikes Back: 81

Return of the Jedi: 79

The Force Awakens: 88

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