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2015 Christmas Special: Home For the Holidays

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Hope everyone has had a great Christmas. We are presenting this forum so that you can discuss the various stories that were submitted as part of our Home For the Holidays Castle Roland Special Event. If you want to check out the stories head on over to http://www.castleroland.net/library/author/crfse and scroll down to Home For the Holidays.

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First, thank you to Castle Roland for giving us a chance to provide our Christmas stories. Next, thanks to Zach for providing this forum topic. And last but not least, thank you to the other writers who submitted Christmas stories for us to enjoy: David Lee, Jandar Tyr, Mary and the RU bunch, Parker Sheaffer and Rick Beck.

I really liked having a story from the RU and the fact that it included old-fashioned do-it-yourself ornaments and gifts just added to the charm. My brother and I used to get our own small tree for our room sometimes and decorated it with homemade ornaments.

Parker's is one that brought tears to my eyes for several reasons; the care David took of his baby sister, her death, the way Cory realized what he truly had and then showing care and love to David.

A surprise visit from (Saint) Nick and a wonderful poem from Jandar.

Two stories from Rick. One reminds us that our servicemen need love and care too. And the other with an unusual rescue.(Are these characters from one of his regular stories? Think I need to check it out and risk finding a new story I can't stay away from).

David was one of my favorites before he came to the Castle and his stories never disappoint. I had to chuckle when it was revealed one of his characters was Teddy Behr. My two main characters were Teddy Beorn and Edward Arturo. Beorn was the bear transformer from The Hobbit making his name mean teddy bear and Arturo means bear making this one Edward Bear, the proper name for Winnie-the-Pooh. What are the odds of two writers using a play on the same toy?

Thanks again everyone!


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