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Another Passage


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What fleeting life and fleeting time,

Has rendered me without a friend?

For the clock has struck its final chime,

And now the pyre burns.


I wonder where the time has gone,

For my friend journeys with it still,

To the end of all and then beyond,

This world no longer his concern.


I cannot help but reminisce,

Through words; the craft we both pursued,

Of times which we will not have hence,

And memories for which I yearn.


Be well, my friend, and journey forth,

This is not the ending of your tale.

Your words will tarry with their worth,

And bring about your oft return.

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Well done. I like it very much.

I wrote this after Ryan Bartlett passed away. We spoke often, and I think I was one of the people who knew him best on the internet. We spoke nearly every day, and it completely blindsided me when he passed. I'd taken my time with him for granted, and the emotions were high when I wrote this.

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