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Dear Readers,

A few months ago, May I believe, I announced that I'd no longer be writing in Revolutions Universe.  Well, I said that, and since then I've dabbled a bit in continuing the Centennial Story Line by writing a few paragraphs here and there, but I get distracted by Life 101 and its happenings, causing it to be put high up on a shelf, hopefully to be forgotten.  Anyway, I've dabbled some more and found a 'sometimes present' rhythm to my madness to get another chapter written and through the process of getting it published to the RU.


I feel now is the time to let you in on a big piece of my Life 101, and why I've put off really getting into Centennial and other stories that I've written in the past which are posted in Castle Roland.  On June 17, 2015, on a not-so-routine visit to my physician, I was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer.  That's right.  The tumor type is non-small-cell adenocarcinoma.  No surgical procedure to remove the tumor was possible since the metastasis is wide, and advanced as well.  Chemo and radiation are not in the cards as I decided quality of life over being sick from those treatment modes.  Moreover, my oncologist told me at our last visit that he was not going to subject me to chemo as it would do no good, would make me sick, and could very well shorten my life expectancy of 4 to 9 months.  I'm well into my 6th month, now.  While I'm still kicking, this ole bod is slowing down, and I have good days, and I have some really rough days.  The rough days seem to be coming more frequent and are more pronounced than in the past.  Trust me, I'm living on the one-day-at-a-time plan which is working out well ... I'm grateful for each and every morning to wake up, stand up, take a good piss in the restroom (important that I say that!), walk into my kitchen, make a pot of coffee, pour a glass of orange juice, and then go check email - reading and answering those worth reading and responding to.


My attitude remains positive and upbeat even on the days that are difficult to navigate.  Having long ago recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body I searched for and found Powers Greater myself who guide and support me through this challenge, and who will catch me safely and gently with their strong winds and whitecaps bouncing into shore from the vast and seemingly endless ocean, when I transition into The Next.

Speaking of transitions -- I plan to meet up Manual, a boy who lost his life in my story titled "The Light", also found on Castle Roland.  Then there's Darkstar's character named Pablito. I plan to meet up with him, too.  And, there are several kids from the CSU who i hope to see as well.


So... that's my drama for today.  I felt I owed an explanation to you, my readers, to my comrades within the RU including but not limited to authors, to support staff, my editor Darryl, my right hand man Joe G., and to anyone else interested.


Joe Writer Man

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I am sadden to hear of your news. But I am happy that you are facing this with the bests of attitudes and mindset. Know that your stories, each in its own way, has touched someone, somewhere. Take heart and comfort in knowing that your writing and story telling has and will continue to touch others going forward. That is a gift greater, I think, than any that could be given.

Peace and long life.

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now it is 2017 already.

and there is no new forum message since december 2015.
joe, are you still alive? or have you met manual and the other boy, all the boys gone into a next realm of life?
i am just reading the light book and hope so much that book 2 will be finished some day. but i am not sure if that wish can be fulfilled.

does anyone of the residents here know about the status of joe?

thx for information

Darian Fey

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Hello Joe ,

    I just wanted to say I'm so sorry and sad to have read about your illness here . I just want to wish you a happy life weather you are still here or on the other side , We will always remember you in all fine writing.

           God Bless,

.                      Johnny C 

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