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2016 Campaign

ken barber

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With the GOP candidates running all over themselves, the DNC seems to be playing things low key. It seems they have taken a let them duke it out and when the dust settles and the blood letting stops we will step in. There are two clear choices for the DNC, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. As a Democrat I would be thrilled if either received the Nod,

The GOP seems to be flipping all over the place.Bush started out strong but in now in fourth or 5th place. Donald Trump is still leading but has tapered off a little since the end of October. Ben Carson has steadily gained ground but again slipped a few points in the past couple of weeks. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are still hanging in there at the 13% range. 

My question for all the republicans out there. And please everyone keep this a civil intelligent conversation. Is all the in fighting and the huge field of candidates hurting the republican party?


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The Old Guarde of the Republican Party, is in shambles. Right now, they are staking their fight and their platform on the Religious Right. Sorry to say, but they are an extremist element within the party and a minority at that.

New republications, as well as those of us that are centrists or moderate, reject this element.

Fact is, we can see this in the strength of Trumps campaign. While I don't personally like the message he is spouting, I understand it. I also understand why people are flocking to his side. What I don't think people understand is that what he is doing is his standard business model. Spout the extreme "no compromise" message, when in reality, any deal will be struck with lots of compromise.

Of course, the problem is whether or not the Old Guarde will even allow his nomination, should Trump actually run the course. And yes, like it or not, the Republican Committee can refuse to recognize Trump. Unfortunately, Trump does not win the nomination, just by winning the primaries.

Which brings me to the idea I have said before: The Republican Party has disintegrated.

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The GOP can come out of this stronger but they have to move to more moderate leanings and candidates. The poll I saw today had Rubio moving into second behind Trump so there is a little hope. It is still early so I am taking a wait and see attitude. I also have my fingers crossed, my horseshoe hung correctly and have almost rubbed my rabbit's foot bare. LOL

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In the end, the primary season should make whoever is left standing at the nomination podium a stronger candidate for the general election. I am probably more from the hated "religious right" sector than a centrist, but I have to agree with Al, a more moderate (socially) and conservative (fiscally) candidate could win the day. Trump is mostly a stark illustration of the absolute rejection of institutional, old guard, establishment politics - on both sides. I don't think the main base of the Democratic party is any more excited about their candidates (only one of who is actually viable, and she's carrying a TON of baggage around her neck) than the Republicans are about their umpteen choices. Trump is leading precisely because he's NOT a politician. If Rubio or Cruz want to do this thing, they'll have to figure out a way to straight talk and lay it out there for the people. Not sure if they have the balls to do it, though. We'll see. One things for certain, 2016 will defy every previous prognostication for American elections. God bless America!

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There is a reason why they made Trump sign a loyalty pledge to the Republican party. It was to keep him from running a 3rd party..

If he gets squeezed out and runs as an independent, the Republicans will lose and they know this...

GHBush+ Ross Pirot,   Clinton wins with 40%


Bernie could and should run as an independent but he is running as a Democrat in a race against Hilary.  If Bernie ran as an independent, the Democrats would lose.

Bernie is almost as lefty as I am and corporate will not support Bernie so Hilary will be their candidate.  


But if both Bernie and Trump would run as separate independent candidates. It would scare the shit out of the Republican/Democrats and break the 2 party monopoly.  (3 way race won't work, It takes a 4 way race)


It is risky because Americans are stupid enough to elect a far right candidate.

The Republican/Democrats stopped representing us years ago.  Both parties are admitted whores for corporations. 

They don't represent you! 

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This is my guess for 2016.

Trump will self destruct, Maybe Rubio for VP, and Jeb Bush will move up to the front.

The race will be, Bush / Clinton 2016.

And here's why.

Both the candidates are war hawks and want more military spending,

Both the candidates are free trade globalists and support the TPP which places corporations above nation states,

Both candidates support police state surveillance and the eliminating all privacy, (Do not up-grade to windows 10)


Besides one being a woman and one a man, Is there a difference?

I'm would never vote for either of these 2,  but if I was going to bet money this is my guess. 



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I've been watching the Republicans snipe each other in the debates, but i haven't seen or heard any viable policy from most of them.  Ben Carson, popular as he is and smart as he is, should stick to the arena he knows, medicine.  The global politics and diplomacy escape him because they don't follow any logic he was trained for as a surgeon.  Cruz is as populist and reactionary as any, and so firmly in the pocket of the religious right and conservative movement that he doesn't even know what his policies are month to month.  And while flexibility is a key necessity for any leader, especially at the level they're aiming for, Cruz tends to think with his mouth and that can be not only dangerous, but foolish.  Huckabee has made enough gaffs lately that he's not even a consideration, although he has the dogged determination of the true believer, and might stick it out further.

Jeb Bush, for all  his bonafides as a former and successful state governor, just doesn't excite the base.  He might have the Bush name, and the smarts, temperament, and political savvy from his old man that we wish "Dubya" had, but he simply is at the wrong place at the wrong time.  If he would listen to an adviser, he should hunker down, let this one pass, and then come around for the next election, where he can point to his current GOP rivals and say "Look how they screwed it up.  We can't afford to do that again, follow me."


Chris Christie might have once been the white knight on a fine arab charger, coming to the GOP's emotional rescue, but he's fallen far short of that promise.  The scandals in New Jersey show a clear and direct line of corruption, even as he tries like mad to look clean and innocent.  It doesn't jibe with his previous tough guy, "shut-up" image.  Problem is, he can't see that everyone sees right through it.  He might have the new clothes, but he's no emperor.


On the Democrats side, Martin O'Malley actually has a lot of good ideas.  He's just not very popular, kinda looks like the uncle who's always late to the party, and just hasn't had as much press as his ideas and record deserves.  Could he be a good running mate to either of the other Dem front runners?  Possibly, but that means he'd be taking a back seat again.  Which is either a great training spot for a future run, or just a way to while away into obscurity.  If you look at recent history, no sitting vixe president since Poppy Bush has made it to the big seat withing memory without either an abdication or an assassination making it necessary.


Bernie intrigues me.  He has lots of socially progressive ideas, which I like.  He's against letting big business run the show (into the ground),  He draws big crowds and he's getting funding without going to the big doners and putting his hand out.  And his civil rights record is written in stone and blood, something few modern Democrats can say.  Can he make the shift to popularity necessary for the election?  I don't know.  The fact that he is Jewish might dissuade a lot of Christian voters.  The fact he has said he's a democratic socialist and the bad taste that puts in a lot of people's mouths without even thinking about what that actually means is an uphill struggle.  He's a brilliant, courageous guy, speaks his mind without speaking trash, even about his opponents. and he tries to stick to the issues.  Not sure if Americans are ready for that much straight talk.


Hillary scares me.  Not because i don't think a woman can do the job, or that I feel her politics and policies will be bad for the country.  Her experience at diplomacy, both with foreign powers and the jerks in congress (both sides of the aisle there) certainly puts her in a position to understand and deal with complex issues.  No, my concern with Hillary is the Clinton legacy.  Will it inspire some Jihadi's to think we're weak for electing a female?  Will it inspire some right wing nut job to commit assassination and thus plunge the country into further division?  She brings too much baggage to the job.  She can do the job, she can do it with grit and grace, I feel.  But as polarizing a figure as she already is, it might make her presidency even more divisive than what happened with Obama, no cooperation with the law makers, constant opposition for the sake of opposition, no progress in key areas that need attention because it's all mired in the slow gunk of partisanship.


I've already spoke enough on Trump,  He's either doing his best for the Dems by splintering the Reps and showing their glarind weaknesses, or he's going to get the nod to the highest office in the land and have no idea what he's doing in there.  We really don't need a charismatic, loud mouthed fool who got lucky enough to have Daddy's money to play with as a child and thinks he's the greatest deal maker in history.  Let's be honest, he is not going to build a wall, he's certainly not going to get Mexico to pay for it.  He's not going to deal with China like he's got his foot on their neck like he says.  He's certainly not going to get the Russians to come to heel, they're already laughing at him.  If the Reps elect him, popularly, it should only show us that TV is more powerful that free thinking and education.  And he'll get rid of that too, should he be elected.

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You could be right because Trump has a tremendous ego, But the Republicans will say he is bad because he has broken his solemn pledge and what kind of president breaks promises?

Also Trumps claims to be using his own money.. Trump has never used his own money for anything.

His father was the biggest slum lord in NYC.  When they are ready, they will pull some shit out of his closet.


I don't care one way or another because they are charlatans, the lot of them and we are all watching a bad play.


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When a party controls both houses of congress, it's hard to believe the party is in shambles. Clinton could very well end up in jail if she loses the election with another Attorney General in office. The FBI has made it clear that Mrs. Clinton has not been cleared of any wrong doing on the scale of the past CIA Director.

It's way too early to know how the republican electorate will "actually vote." Over the last eight election cycles how many times has the polls been way off, especially when they count republican votes. Seven of eight? Something like that. Personally, I have no crystal ball.to see how the first primary will turn out. No matter who wins Iowa, except for Trump, it means little. However, if Trumps wins, he could be unstoppable.

What some don't see, is just how mad the electorate is. And it's usually the party in the White House that feels the pain come election time. And lets not forget that Jim Webb is entertaining reentering the race as an Independent. And who would that hurt? Clinton.

The election is a ways off yet and many unforeseen events could take place that, like the latest terrorist attack, can be a game changer for all those running.

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