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Future Writing Challenges and Contest Ideas

Jack Schaeffer

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Hey all,

Now that the dust has settled a bit after the Halloween Short Story Writing Contest, I had a couple of ideas (in addition to the current running contests) for some future writing challenges and/or contests. I thought I'd throw them out there to see if they hold water.

Short Story/Novella Contests:

Gay Romance - February 14th (Valentine's Day)

Military Themed, focusing on remembering fallen heroes - Memorial Day

Back-to-School (for those that like this theme) - Labor Day

Period piece (pick your timeline) - similar to the Age of Enlightenment contest - a decade from the 1900's perhaps?


Time-Limited Contest

Someone of the staff selects a theme, situation, and a couple of characters, setting up the basic story elements. With a few other guidelines and limits (length, number of characters (min and max)) the contestants writing their version of the essentially the same story.


Group Writing Challenge (stealing this idea from the concept of Novel in a Day (Niad) from Literature Latte blog):

The story admins create a character list with a few details about each, a chapter list with suggested starting and ending points for each, and just enough detail to "suggest a plot". Then different authors are assigned a single chapter to write of the same story. No communicating with each other!!! It's a surprise to see what we come up with. We may need a bit more than a day (say maybe a week) and after we submit our entries, they are are edited into one, hopefully cohesive story.




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 I think Jack has some very good ideas.... The short story ideas are fantastic. For a period piece, it would be great to go back in history further than just 'recent' history. There are so many interesting periods of ancient time through medieval time and cultures or civilizations where awesome stories could be set.   The other two ideas, limited time and group write, sound interesting but to be honest, probably something I would not participate in. But at least glad to see some ideas floating around....

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I have a 1900's story (20chapters) in the can and a 1900's 3 page flash fic.. How do I proceed? 

My computer died along with all my e-mail contacts, Thanks for the holiday note, it led me back here.

I am an anti-traditionalist so the other topics do not appeal to me.

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