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I am a programmer.  I develop software for a living.  It's one of the reasons I often don't write as much as I'd like, or as much as I used to.  I tend to either be gainfully employed, with a deadline to meet and limited time to spend, or out of a job, depressed as I watch the money trickle out of my bank account faster than I can fill it back up with odds and ends of work.

But sometimes, something fun pops up.

I develop out of a building run by a company called Bitwise, 'the mothership of technological innovation'.  They recently had the grand-opening celebration of their new building, and this video was unveiled there.  And I wanted to share it with everyone.  Because it is awesome.


Enjoy.  The mothership has landed.

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What an inspiring piece of video. I got my hands on a computer for the first time in 1987, and in just a few weeks of "playing" with that first generation IBM PC with its two 5 1/4 inch floppy disks and green screen, I was hooked. I surrender my fairy tale of becoming a vascular surgeon and instead explored the world of computers. I was fascinated by the creative power in this inanimate object. It became my muse, where I could carefully mix the scientific, precise, idealistic me with the creative, whimsical side of me. I don't design art work or graphics, but I believe there is an art in database design and business problem solving. Re-engineering a business process using technology tools is like modern day carpentry or welding from my point of view. And I love it.

Seeing this video today reminds me of how far and how fast we've come over the last three decades. I have worked with so many wonderful, talented, gifted, magical people, of all ages, sizes, and creeds. I've been a consultant, a contractor, an employee, a leader, and an executive. I know deadlines and scope creep and project milestones and bad specifications and impossible timelines. But it's all been worth it to see what I could create with some of the smartest people on the planet. 

I may be wrong - I hope I am -but most of the "kids" in the video have no idea how many people did what they are doing now in years past, creating and perfecting the tools they use today in order that they can build the tools future generations will use. I like to think I helped a little tiny bit to make this "new" world of technology make sense, even though I fear it passed me up a long, long time ago...grin. Thanks for sharing the inspiration and the beautiful connection to the "mother ship". Enjoy the new space and create whatever you can for as long as you can...


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