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Something Important for all of us

Emperor Roland

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Hey all.

For those of you who may know me, or have guessed by what i write, I can be overly emotional at times.  Well, right now, I am sitting at my desk, with tears in my eyes.  Not because of something bad that happened, but because of something good.  something that could, hopefully change the lives of a lot of young gay people. 

I'm not one that normally puts stuff like this on the board, mainly because I worry that when I say something, because i am the head admin, that people will feel obligated to watch, and reply.  But this was just to moving to not share it. 

I'd like to thank Kyle Aarons for sending this to me.  If you have time, please feel free to watch, and even talk here about what it means to you to see something like this happening.

The Courage Game

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Thank you so much for sharing this... I was having an awful weekend, probably one of the worst I've had this year (And this year has been one of the worst years I've had) and I was feeling pretty hopeless. But suddenly, the world seems a little brighter. Suddenly, I feel like happiness might actually be a thing.

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Powerful.  Very good video. Cynus, not sure how old you are, but I think I can sense a bit of what you have been going through. I've been at the bottom of that barrel many times over the last 20 years. Maybe even a bit more, but I can say this there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to keep fighting for it. Some days I don't even want to crawl out of bed but I do, I make it a point to never let anyone win over me and who I am. So I challenge myself every day to something new.  My story may be different then your but in the story I am working on I actually say those words. Everyone has a challenge in life some find it tough, some find it easy, some just quit. I have seen all three sides of the triangle. I'd like to think I stand on top of it myself now.   As I have said everyone's story is different. don't look for the ending of that story just build on it every day, and when you feel down remember like the video there is someone else out there who thinks and feels the same way. Yes Happiness is a real thing, it might just take some longer then others to find it, But it is there. :images (1):  Oh I just seen Happy Birthday  Hope you have a great day

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