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Castle Roland's PR staff needs your [The Reader's] input... We want to know what stories here at The Castle you like and would recommend to others. This is something only you can tell us... So think of your favorite story and post telling us which story and why you like it.. All Input is appreciated.

 If you would like to make your recommendation for the the Readers Choice Story of the Month visit:

Readers Choice on The Castle Roland Community Forum

Denis P
Castle Roland PR Administrator


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Far to many for me to choose just one. :smiley-scared002: Who to pick???¿¿¿??? Let start with D'Artagnon  and Coupé I love sci-fi fantasy, as it is probably where I spend most of my time :)  Reality can be so harsh so curling up with a good story like Coupé and the rest of the series can keep me going for a while.  That's my start, then there is the regular sci-fi stuff. I'll have to say there are to many good stories. out there but one that I like so far is "day's of N" By Kyle Aarons.  I'm not a speedy reader when Something catches my eye I enjoy and take my time with it even buying popcorn.  I alos like most of the others for now those stand out up front.  Hope this helps. I do have to say everyone has great stories here. in all the genre's So don't feel slighted if I didn't mention you. yet! I'll get around to it! :popcorn: mean while I'll enjoy my popcorn and writing. as well as reading. 

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I've not read all stories. Am trying though. Sometimes it's confusing who'd write a story because at the forum many have different names.

Anyway: I recommend all stories of Kyle Aarons especially: The Kandric Saga. Mr. Arthur is also a favourite writer; Drummer Boy, Elios to name a few.

Most stories of the revolutions universe because I like this SyFy, fantasy, reality mix a lot.

Stories with Dwarves, Elves too but the Star Trek series with follow up from the original stories not so much.

Sorry if your name is not on the list; there are just too many good stories and writers...:D

So cheers !

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Every one of us will have a different response and that is part of the strength of this site, that there are stories for every taste. For me, 'Forever' by Jack Schaefer is a top one, as well as 'Drummer Boy'. As much as I love sci-fi and fantasy, I tried very hard to get into D'Artagnon's writing. Don't get me wrong, sir, you are an incredibly gifted writer but I found after awhile, I preferred older characters as main characters. But I am glad you are there for our younger readers, who need positive role models and good things in their lives. And although I think the RU universe is a good idea, I found that reading about the same events, even written in different stories perspective, a bit tedious after awhile. 

I want to read about characters who develop during a story and grow in love and character. I admit I am a romantic at heart and love happy endings. Those stories making me come to care about the main characters are the best.  Any genre which gives me all that, I will read. To sum up: characters who make me care about them and want to keep reading, good dialogue, good plot and heartwarming moments. 

I have not yet read all authors here either, so ask this question next year and although my main points will be the same, I bet I will have added new favorites to the list. Again, a strength of this site is its diversity. 

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On 12/27/2015 at 2:17 PM, Shayn059 said:

I recommend two stories. Trick to Treat by Jeikor and Ascension to the throne by Thom Nealy. Both great stories.

I so agree "Trick to Treat" by Jeikor is just.an awsome read. Jeikor wrights so many wonderful storys. We all know about "Dummer Boy" by Authur unless live under a rock. One of Authur's storys dose standout "Twilight Motel" just truely awsome si-fi tail. It has been over looked but well worth the read. It was left open ended, so maybe one day he will revisit it. They are so many wonderful storys on CR you can enjoy yourself. for hours. CR has some of the very best authers on the net and without saying the best storys you can not go wrong. Good reading to you all.

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Driver's story "Quarry" and Condor's story "My Home Town" are fun reads. They don't follow the usual type of plot, and I like that originality. I've learned some things I didn't know about Australia from Condor's story and he paints a vivid picture of life in that town. Driver has great insights into human emotions and motivations. His final chapter describes a good way for us to live.

I'm still wading my way through many of the other stories.

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