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Imagine if you will.......

Zach Caldwell

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The clip is from the wildly popular West Wing, in which President Bartlett shreds Dr. Jacobs for cherry-picking the bible. The video has gone viral in that it is a fitting response to Kim Davis, the KY. Court Clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples on the basis of her sincerely held religious beliefs.



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I have just recently begun watching all 6 seasons of this show. Unfortunately, when I became interested in it, it was already on its 6th and final season. So watching the series from the start is rather thrilling. Not so much for the political aspect, but the interaction amongst the White House staff, which several people I know (all conservatives, BTW) say that this is so true to life, it's scary.

That particular scene goes a long, long way, towards where I am with organized religion, as it exists in the US today.

It is rather unfortunate that people think the Bible is a smorgasbord, where you can pick and choose what you want. It is not. Especially if you profess to be Christian. The O.T. has no sway on you. And the Christ had nothing whatsoever to say about homosexuality. He did say that with His coming the Old was fulfilled.

One would think that Christians understood that....

Yes, Zach. That scene is very apropos to the Kim Davis meme.

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