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Ryan Bartlett RIP 8/31/2015


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This poem is dedicated to the memory of Ryan Bartlett.

Another Passage
By Cynus

What fleeting life and fleeting time,
Has rendered me without a friend?
For the clock has struck its final chime,
And now the pyre burns.

I wonder where the time has gone, 
For my friend journeys with it still,
To the end of all and then beyond,
This world no longer his concern.

I cannot help but reminisce,
Through words; the craft we both pursued,
Of times which we will not have hence,
And memories for which I yearn.

Be well, my friend, and journey forth,
This is not the ending of your tale.
Your words will tarry with their worth,
And bring about your oft return.



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From Dave at Dabeagle, the online contact who knew Ryan best.

I have just spoken with Ryan's pastor. Like his characters in Sanitaria Springs, he was a Methodist. I have found out that he initially thought he had food poisoning. When he didn't come to church this past Sunday, he was checked on and found to be unable to stand. He was rushed to the hospital and found to be septic. His heart coded three times. His mom was told that it would be a good idea to disconnect him, his body had taken a lot of abuse. His mother was spared that horrible decision as Ryan coded again and they were unable to revive him.

Services will be Saturday the 19th of September. I plan to send flowers with a message that they are from his friends and family in Sanitaria Springs - his pastor approved. I had a long conversation with her. Any of you who have visited our little town, please consider these flowers to be from all of us.


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He will be missed greatly.

I think it would be a nice tribute if one or some of his writer friends took his outline (If he did have it ready) and wrote his final story.

Not sure if he had something else in the works or not, but I had recently been helping to edit one for him. It's sort of strange to think that Ryan isn't here anymore. I didn't know him well, but the one of his completed stories I did read I found to be of intense interest, and the other that I was working with, I don't think has been released.

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