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Contest proposal. Audio Plays for CR original work.


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Contest proposal..


I was inspired by the invitation here on CR to record coming out stories using the LEAP-Audio app.


This is a neglected art form that has its history in the rise of radio.


This contest would consist of picking an author's original short story, re-write it into script form and perform it with one or how many characters and produce it as an audio-play using LEAP or similar app.


The contest duration should be over an extended period of time like a Fall or Winter contest so that much time and thought could be spent making trials, adding music or just to get inspired..


Take your best story or one that would lend itself to a dramatic interpretation and re-write it into a script.   Get help from friends to rehearse and perform it.  It could also be a single person narrative.   


It is probably good to keep it short with a solid, beginning, middle and but rather than restrict, just let it happen..  


"As few rules as possible"  The work should speak for itself..      

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First of all, I'm a little surprised by the quick poo-pooing of this idea. While I agree that Larkin's initial proposal might be too involved - I for one would have a real challenge finding people to "act" out a story. But....what if the author (or someone they designate) acts it out using different voices (the best they can). The real challenge would be to take a chapter or two, or a short story, and change it into a dialog driven script. This certainly remind me of the old radio plays that are sometimes rebroadcast nowadays. I'll bet we could find some on the internet somewhere to give us an idea of what to do. Hmmmmm.....

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I have been thinking about this for a bit and trying to come up with a response. We have tried a couple of contests like this in the past with no or little response.


First LEAP Audio is an Audio production Company (non-profit) The have a tech and performance staff. So they supply the actors and they will rewrite the story into a script and host the audio version the issue is they have a unique "Mission Statement" The contest would have to be agreeable to them as well. 

The PR team handles all special events and contests and is always open to suggestions and I would love to discuss this more and take the ideas to LEAP for their input

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