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A Call to Action!!!!!

Emperor Roland

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Over the past year and a half, Castle Roland has seen amazing successes. Our monthly traffic to the site has continued to increase each month, forum membership and activity has also increased. We have reached monthly and daily traffic levels we only imagined were possible and we are still growing.


We foresee one minor issue in the next couple of months. We will run out of enough new material to continue our rate of posting. By the mid September we will be forced to cut down to one update a week and by the end of October may have to reduce our updates to every other week.


If you know of any Authors out there that would be a good fit for Castle Roland, reach out to them and ask them to check us out.


If you know of stories that you have read but are not in contact with the authors let us know and we will reach out to them and invite them aboard.


The Administrative Team and Public Relations Team at Castle Roland are going into overdrive to get new material, but any and all help we can get, would be greatly appreciated.


As always thank you for being a big part of the Castle Roland Family

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I know of two I can contact who post on Nifty that I think would be good for the Castle. One of them is a prolific writer on Nifty and has many stories that could be posted if he is interested. The other is a new author on Nifty but his story is up to 50 chapters and he is a fan of Andrew Todd's 'Second Chance' stories.

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Well, jamie, I can wait patiently for as I sit her tapping my foot. Oh, wait! I guess that isn't waiting patiently after all. LOL

Seriously looking forward to it. I liked the conversational style of the second epilogue to 'Can You Spare a Quarter?'

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Thanks Jeikor, and Ken.  I've actually gotten a couple chapters done it's mostly laying it out then I need to put it together.  The second epilogue was all my work other then Tiger doing some grammar stuff for me.  he is also helping me with what I am working on. 

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