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Readers Cup Synopsis Voting: Simon by Terry

Simon by Terry  

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  1. 1. Which of the below sysnopses most makes you want to read the story

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Simon by Terry


Synopsis 1: Young Simon has lost everything already.  His parents have both died, and he and his sister are in the care of the state.  On top of everything, Simon has leukemia and treatment has failed.  His only regret is that his younger sister, Sherry, will be left all alone.  When a nurse overhears his heart wrenching prayer one night, Barry sets things in motion that may be the answer to Simon's prayer.


Synopsis 2: I try and I try but I can't write a synopsis for this story. It is extremely sad and painful to read yet it is one of the most beautiful stories I have read. Everyone should read this story and everyone with half a heart should need a box of tissues especially at the end.


Synopsis 3: Simon... a 11 y.o. who only wants to see his 7 y.o. sister Sherry. Simon whose world is a room in a hospital where his only view is out a window where he can see the sky and the weather outside... his only visitors are  nurses and doctors but he really only wants to see his sister so that he can help her be happy. Yes, he would also be happy but no matter with all his  problems his only thought is not about them but about his sister and what he can do to help her be happy… That is until he meets a man who comes to see him one day... could this man really help him see his sister?

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