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Readers Cup Synopsis Voting: A New Trek by Ricky

A New Trek by Ricky  

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 A New Trek by Ricky


Synopsis 1: Two young teen boys are dealing with social awkwardness and fear of rejection, each for their own reasons.  When they quite literally run into each other at the mall, Trek and Ben find that they may have just what the other needs.


Synopsis 2:Trek is shy, afraid of people and places and would prefer to hide in his room with a book. That is until he accidentally runs into Ben at the mall trying to escape the notice of a bunch of other teenage boys. He falls back hitting his head on the floor. Guess who shows up later at the diner where his mom works? Ben with his dad, Mac, who is a doctor. Good thing too because Trek has a concussion. Trek also suddenly has a new personality that is outgoing and daring. Will it last? Will he still talk to Ben not to mention the other 'stuff' he has done with Ben? Or will he return to the scared, hiding in his room version of Trek and leave Ben alone again?


Synopsis 3: Trek None Burns a cute 13 y.o. who's a bit agoraphobic as well as being terminally shy, has just been forced to do something he hates to do... go to the mall by his loving single mother. She hopes it will help him overcome his shyness.While trying his best to be nondescript he walks right into his worst case scenario... a group of laughing, loud boys. And in the process of escaping to safety he slams into someone and lands on his back after hitting his head twice... once on the person he hit and again on the floor his head landed on...Dazed and with blurry eyes from the collision he realizes that who he ran into was a cute boy his age. That boy, Ben Weller, the son of a single father who happened to be a doctor, helps Trek to his feet. When Trek realizes that Ben has cut his lip and is bleeding,  from the collision, he decides to help him find his dad so that his lip can be looked at. From this simple act of kindness leads both boys and their parents into what may become a relationship filled with what each is missing... love and companionship.


Synopsis 3: Painfully shy Trek has a chance mall encounter everything changes.

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