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Readers Cup Synopsis Voting: Green Sky and Blue Grass by Owen Hudson

Green Sky and Blue Grass by Owen Hudson  

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  1. 1. Which of the below sysnopses most makes you want to read the story

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Green Sky and Blue Grass by Owen Hudson


Synopsis 1:Clint has been in foster care since he was six years old.  Follow him as he ages out of the system, finds a job, a place to live, a car, a new girlfriend then wife and becomes a father.  By the time his son is five, Travis gives everyone a lesson in compassion and caring when he colors the sky green and the grass blue.

Synopsis 2: Green sky, blue grass? Was it opposite day? An alternate universe? Why the switch in colors? This is a story about colors. There's no doubt about that. But it has little to do with green and blue or sky and grass or does it? One thing is for sure the true color of this story is the hearts of gold.
Synopsis 3: Clint Jarvis had come to the end of his years in foster care... he had just turned 18 y.o., graduated from high school, and his last set of 'Foster Parents' [more like Foster Care System leaches] showed him the door.Working as a new bus boy making minimum wage he spent his first day as a 'free' adult looking for a room to rent... and then sleeping on a Greyhound station bench.The next day started out like the previous day... until he saw a elderly lady trying to start her lawn mower... offering to help asking only to be allowed to clean up in her bathroom after he was done. He met Aunt Lou... from this one kind offer to help Clint's  life took a turn for good to finely allow him to reach his one goal that has alluded him all his short life... a loving family of his own.
Synopsis 4: An act of kindness changes unloved orphan's life. Both happy and sad.
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