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Readers Cup Synopsis Voting: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by Ken Barber

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by Ken Barber  

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  1. 1. Which of the below sysnopses most makes you want to read the story

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by Ken Barber


Synopsis 1: Putting himself through college by working at the mall has left little time for Sammy to find the man of his dreams.  Can a blind date prove the old adage that "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?"


Synopsis 2: Do good things come to those who wait? Sammy is on pins and needles waiting for the day and time of a blind date. He has never been so nervous waiting on a date before. Will the outcome be good? Read and see.


Synopsis 3: You take your time getting ready, you make sure everything is just right... freshly showered, hair done just right, you put your best clothes on and then have your fashion consultant critic your selection... You change what they think does not work... and finally you are ready for that blind date... Will he like you... will you like him...Finally you are sitting at your table waiting for your roommates boyfriend and your blind date. Your stomach is doing rollovers your knees are shaking due to your nerves...Then they are there... your eyes bug out, for standing there is the love of your life…



Synopsis 4: Sammy's double date was not what he expected. Can you say setup?

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