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Readers Cup Synopsis Voting: Borderline Insanity by Gee Whillickers:

Borderline Insanity by Gee Whillickers  

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  1. 1. Which of the below sysnopses most makes you want to read the story

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Borderline Insanity by Gee Whillickers: 


Synopsis 1: Fourteen year old boyfriends Stevie and Angus live within meters of each other, but are on opposite sides of the Canada-US border.  Can they have a relationship AND share some of their nations' sweet treasures without becoming international smugglers?


Synopsis 2: Can criminal mastermind, Stevie, fool the Royal Mounties and avoid going to prison and sharing a cell with someone named Bubba? Can his US counterpart, Angus, likewise fool DHS and not give away any of their secrets? The fourteen year old boyfriends have their work cut out for them especially since their dads each work for their own country's Border Patrol. What have the two teens done that has the cops of two countries breathing down their necks?


Synopsis 3:Borderline Insanity”... or How I Became a International Smuggler [ I know that is not the title but it might as well be...] is a rip roaring adventure in how two friends from opposite sides of a ditch began as friends after sharing a bike pump and became over a handful of 'Smarties' the notorious international smugglers that terrorized the East Boundary Road and 0 Avenue neighborhoods and local schools for months until one day their criminal empire came crashing down... This very funny story is either one of most amusing love stories around or an indictment of two countries showing how stupid adults can be when they over react in the name of security... or it could be both... you choose.


Synopsis 4: Young teenage smugglers used to sell illegal sweets, tunnel now for sex.


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