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Readers Cup Synopsis Voting: The Tenth Year by Hans Schreiber

The Tenth Year by Hans Schreiber  

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The Tenth Year by Hans Schreiber


Synopsis 1: Don, a newly married young man, ponders the deep relationship he has with his childhood friend, Josh.  As the tenth anniversary of a loving and emotional experience approaches, Don must find a balance between what he feels for Josh, and what he feels for his new bride.  Will fidelity trump tradition, or is there another way?


Synopsis 2: Don has a dilemma. Josh and his family have been there for Don since Josh and he were young boys. Josh and Don grew up physically, emotionally, and sexually together. At 16 they consummated their friendship and love in the most intimate way possible on the Fourth of July. It's the only time they have had anal sex and they reenact it on the Fourth of July every year. This year will be the ten years but Don got married to Kerry. Josh still expects him to join in on their annual camping trip for the Fourth. Does Don disappoint the friend who has helped him through the darkest days of his teen years? Does he cheat on his wife like his dad did to his mom? And then there's Randall.


Synopsis 3: Newly married Don has been on a emotional roller coaster ever since a E-Mail arrived from his childhood friend, Josh, asking him if he has made his July 4th travel plans yet. Why the roller coaster ride... that is easy, Don loves his new wife with all his heart, but he has loved and is still in love with Josh his friend... What they have been through together since first meeting has brought first as friends, then as brothers, and finally as lovers...Don just cannot come to a decision about what to do about Kerry his new wife who he loves and would never want to hurt and his love for his friend and lover Josh who he would never want to hurt either... What is Don gonna do…


Synopsis 4: Confused Don must choose friend in Oz or Kansas wife.Then, happy ending!

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