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Readers Cup Synopsis Voting: Long Division by Driver

Long Division By Driver  

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  1. 1. Which of the below sysnopses most makes you want to read the story

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Long Division By written by Driver


Synopsis one: The United States is a very different place.  After a near civil war, the US now has three territories: the North, the Central and the South. While the Northern and Central Territories are only slightly different, the South has thrown out the Constitution and have become a theocratic nightmare for some of its inhabitants.  When 14 year old boyfriends Rob and Al, stuck in the South for a few more months, are kidnapped by a fanatical religious leader, ostensibly for gay conversion therapy, the boys uncover something even more nefarious.  Can the boys turn the tables on Reverend Roy Manners as they fight for their freedom?


Synopsis two: Ever read the O Henry story, 'The Ransom of Red Chief'? Red Chief is a young boy who is kidnapped and causes so much trouble the kidnappers pay the parents to take him back. This story is even better. Rob Gaynor and Alan Curtis are two fourteen year old boyfriends that are kidnapped. It takes the kidnappers three tries to actually keep them. But Rob and Al are not done yet. They make Red Chief look like an amateur. Be prepared to belly laugh at what they do to their kidnappers. Oh, and never cross these two; it won't be worth the payback.


Synopsis three: When supposedly Godly men plan evil... they have a tendency to have blinders on... for they forget what a couple of intelligent and resourceful 14 y.o. boys can do to their supposedly well played plans.


Synopsis four: Rev. Roy kidnaps boys to use them as catamites, they turn the tables.

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