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Readers Cup Synopsis Voting A Christmas Transformation by David Spowart

A Christmas Transformation by David Spowart  

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  1. 1. Which of the below sysnopses most makes you want to read the story

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    • Synopsis 6

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 David Spowart: A Christmas Transformation


Synopsis 1 When 22 year old Brodie runs into an acquaintance from his Chicago hometown high school at his California university, he can't believe the physical transformation in Kane. Can Kane also transform Brodie's boring, vanilla sex life? Join them as they have a Christmas Eve to remember that could lead to the relationship that both of them have been longing for.

Synopsis 2 Ever see a familiar face you just can't seem to match a name to? Do you dwell on it or forget it? Brodie has one of those moments walking home just before Christmas. He finally recognizes Kane from high school when they meet getting a cab. Kane has undergone a transformation from fatty to hottie with a wild side. Can Brodie transform from his boring, vanilla life in time to have chance with Kane? It's Christmas so maybe a miracle can happen.
Synopsis 3 Brodie tries to make a new life for himself, after coming out to his family, and being turned away. He heads for college and around Christmas time runs into an old school mate. Little did he know how much his life would change that Christmas.
Synopsis 4 Two days before Christmas Brodie Doyle is in need of a cup of coffee... While walking to his local coffee shop... He see a face of someone he thinks he may know, but he can not place a name with the face. When his memory finally puts a name to that face he can not get over the change that he has just seen on a former classmate from high school. Once a object of scorn and ridicule Kane Bull is now Mr. Hotness himself... When the two reach for the door of a cab and they start to reconnect... Kane learns that his once wet dream object is just like him, but has no knowledge what he has been missing in life as a hot Gay Man…
Synopsis 5 Ostracized gay man meets old classmate, "fat" Kane Bull All is forgiven.


Synopsis 6 Brody Doyle, a young gay man, gets a rather unexpected Christmas surprise when he meets up with someone from his past.
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Synopsis 3 is clearly superior in my view. Short enough to be easily read in a few seconds, and enough detail to whet one's appetite.


Take note: the exact definition of synopsis is an overall summary that includes all major points of the story.  The problem with that definition is it conflicts with the secondary objective that "makes you want to read the story".  If it already contains all the major points, why would you want to read the story?


Going by strict definition, Synopsis 4 is more complete.  
Going by the spirit of the contest where you intend these to be snippets or teasers, Synopsis 3 gets my vote.

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