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What a Universe

Zach Caldwell

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As the title says. What a universe, this thing called the Revolution Universe. I was lucky enough to be there when this universe started and have read each chapter as they were posted. The stories are compelling, griping and emotion invoking.


The stories do not hold punches either. Often topics are discussed that can invoke some strong opinions and emotions. Controversial is a word that can often be used. I agree that it is controversial at times. I do not think this is a bad thing per se. If you can set your passions and views aside and critically think about the topic then it can provide a place from which to have a discussion, either with yourself or others, which can, hopefully, allow for common ground to be found.


This is something that is very much lacking in our culture today and something we very much need to find our way back too.


I encourage you all to check out the Revolution Universe and let the dialogue begin.  

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Having recently been invited to write in the Revolutions Universe I wanted to share a little about my experience. First I am the new guy on the block and when first asked to write I was a little hesitant, wouldn't having other people tell me what to write stifle my own creativity? How will I be able to create characters in an established story plot? 

Boy was I wrong. The Revolutions Universe Powers that be, after ready my story "Cyclone" asked me if I could write a story that was based on a Naval Group. After much discussion they gave me the USS Ronald Reagan and Carrier Strike group 9 to play with. I quickly read as many of the RU stories as I could before the character in Dawns Early Light started screaming at me to start writing. Not only has no one stifled my creativity they have encouraged it. The writers in the Universe feed off of each other using plot lines that cross each story for their characters to react to creating a plot lines for other writers to react to. The shear amount of material to use in the stories is massive, so massive in fact The organizers have created Multiple (understatement) spreadsheets, data charts,maps, wiki's,chat rooms and the list goes on. Creating Characters has been a breeze the characters just jump out of the universe and say hey use me. Characters relationships between authors stories start to develop linking the stories together making characters float in and out of the different stories.  

The individual stories can stand alone for the most part but I would suggest you dig into the whole Universe. Seeing major situations from different perspectives will put the whole concept of the war enveloping the characters into place. 


For those of you that Have started "Dawns Early Light" have no fear its going strong and you will see lots more chapters coming out in the future, with a very special presentation in a few months. In between Chapters of "Dawns Early Light"  dig into some of the other stories.  


And then let us know what your think


Ken B

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I was asked near the end of March if I would be interested in bringing my characters from Disconnected to the RU and I was also hesitant as Ken mentioned and thought about it for a few days, before i said yes. 


I wasn't sure if I could blend in with other writers, most of whom I was already a fan of, before I was asked to join the RU.  Some of the ways that we write things together when we have stories the closely mesh with another was a little worriesome to me and i didn't know if I could keep up with some of these other really good writers, but since starting Changing Connections on April 1, I've written more chapters in a shorter amount of time, assisted in writing several chapters of another closely meshed story and will be helping on another closely meshed story and I am contemplating a completely new RU story. 


So I've found that I guess I can write in such a universe and hope to continue being able to "keep up my end", as the universe evolves.  It's has been a blast working with the other writers and I know there will be more fun to come.

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